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A Rummy Tournament Where Everybody Wins

Rummy is a game that offers equal opportunities and chances for every player to win and lose, both alike. It is the player’s responsibility to make the most out of the winning chances and play their best.

When you download Rummy apps, you get to see different types of variants, game types, and tournaments. You choose one game type or tournament and a variant and go for your opportunity to win. However, you have to be really good at the game in order to win against seasoned players that are often found on these apps.

What if we tell you that there is a Rummy tournament that will let everyone win?

A Tournament Where Everyone Wins

The statement mentioned above is not an exaggeration. This tournament on the A23 Rummy app lets every player win in one way or the other. If you want to celebrate Rummy and play without the burdens and pressure of winning, you can definitely go for this tournament.

RIO: Rummy Indian Open 2024

The RIO tournament is hosted by a leading Rummy platform, A23, and is welcomed by the online Rummy gaming community.

The first prize of this tournament was ₹1,00,00,000/- alone. The prize pool of this tournament was ₹20,00,00,000/- and every participant won. This 60-day, non-stop, thrilling tournament was an experience of its own.

Let us try and break down the prizes and understand who won, how much and what!

Route to WInning the 1 Cr. Prize Money

●       Sit and Go

The first step of the game was Sit N Go. This part of the game is not scheduled beforehand due to the format of the game. When a designated number of players collect, they can begin playing. The entry fee for this level, The Daily Level 1, was ₹10. 5000 winners from this level got a free entry to the Daily Level 2.

●       Daily Level 2

The daily level 2 had normal Rummy games, where 500 winners got a free entry to the Week Finale level. The prize pool for this level of the game was ₹10,00,000/- The entry fee for this level was set ₹100 per person.

●       RIO Newbie

This game level is for newcomers or beginners of the Rummy game. 200 winners from this level get free entry to the Weekly Finale as well. If someone wants to participate in the RIO Newbie level, there is no entry fee.

●       RIO Royals

This game is reserved for the players who have the app and a paid subscription. 200 winners from this group of players get a free entry in the Weekly Finale.

●       Weekly Finale

The prize pool for the weekly finale is ₹40,00,000/- The entry amount for this level of the game is ₹1,000. 600 winners from this level will get free entry to the Monthly finale level.

●       Monthly Finale

1600 people from the total number of winners get a free entry in the Grand Knockout level. The prize pool for the grand level is ₹4,00,00,000/-


In this game, every player gets a fair chance to win and become a winner! With other benefits, they also win several other bonuses and rewards. So, what are you waiting for? You can start practicing your Rummy now.

Participate in this thrilling dance of chance and feel a sense of reward!