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The Importance of Acquiring Own Damage Coverage for Your Two-Wheeler Before Embarking on a Road Trip

Many people nowadays are passionate about bikes. Travelling on bikes is not only a passion but also a new-age trend. We often see people travel on bikes through snow-capped mountains, floral green valleys, and even some heavy terrains. People prefer riding on bikes, no matter what the season, what type of road, or what type of bike they own.

Pursuing your passion is a fulfilling feeling and can provide you with immense satisfaction. But travelling on bikes can give rise to various risks, too. As simple as it seems on social media, riding a bike on tall mountains and deep valleys can create a risk of damage to your bike.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that you are riding safely and making provisions to cover up any damage incurred to your bike. This can be done by purchasing own damage cover for a two-wheeler with appropriate IDV in bike insurance.

In this article, we have simplified all the information you would need to buy an own damage insurance coverage before you embark on your next road trip.

 All About Own Damage Coverage for Two-Wheelers

OD insurance for bikes protects your bike from any kind of damage. It also protects your bike from natural calamities and man-made disasters.

However, a bike insurance own damage cover does not provide coverage to recover liabilities incurred to pay off the damage to any third party or person.

 What Claims Own Damage Insurance for Bike Covers?

Own damage insurance for bikes provides wide coverage for any loss caused to the bike. It includes:

 Natural Calamities

Own damage covers your bike from natural disasters. If you face a natural calamity in your road trip, your own damage cover shall recover such damage. Damage due to natural calamities includes:

  • Damages due to animals – An animal attack on a vehicle
  • Damage due to earthquakes – Natural calamities
  • Damage due to floods – Natural calamities
  • Damage due to Fires – Unforeseen event
  • Damage due to landslides – Natural calamities,

 Man Made Disasters

Man-made disasters concerning two-wheelers typically involve incidents that are caused by human actions or negligence, resulting in harm to individuals, property, or the environment. Here are some examples:

Theft and Vandalism:

Two-wheelers are susceptible to theft, especially in urban areas. Man-made disasters in the form of theft can result in the loss of the vehicle, and without adequate insurance coverage, the financial impact can be significant.

Deliberate acts of vandalism, such as scratching the paint, breaking mirrors, or damaging other parts of the two-wheeler, can be considered man-made disasters.

Own Damage insurance covers any loss suffered by the two-wheeler owner due to such man-made activities.

 Accidental Damages

Accidental damage coverage in two wheeler insurance plays an important role in safeguarding riders from the financial repercussions of unforeseen events. Accidents on the road are an unfortunate reality, and they can result in varying degrees of damage to your two-wheeler.

Whether it is a minor collision or a major accident, the costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged parts can quickly accumulate.


By investing in this essential Own Damage Bike Insurance, riders not only ensure the longevity and well-being of their beloved two-wheelers but also guarantee peace of mind during their road journeys.

The road trip experience is meant to be enjoyable and memorable, free from the worry of potential damages that could otherwise lead to significant financial burdens. While safeguarding your two-wheeler, be carefree and enjoy your road trip.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it mandatory to have own damage insurance?

No, a standalone damage insurance is not mandatory. It is a choice of individual to safeguard their own vehicle with an insurance plan. Own damage insurance is not mandatory for any two-wheeler owner. Only a third-party insurance policy is officially mandated by the government to drive on roads while assuring the safety of the third party.

  • What is the difference between standalone bike insurance and third-party bike insurance?

Own damage bike insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement for your bike due to accidents, theft, or natural disasters, providing comprehensive protection. On the other hand, third-party bike insurance is mandatory by law and covers liabilities for injuries, death, or property damage caused to others by your bike. While own damage insurance offers broader coverage, third-party insurance is a basic, cost-effective option that fulfils legal requirements but does not protect your bike.

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